2016 Nominee for Best Male EP  -LA Music Critics Awards

Alternate Root top 10 songs of the week 7/23 “Royal Blue” 

“Crazy about this! So good.”-Loretta Munoz, ASCAP


“Royal Blue is awash in modern day storytelling that retains true, traditional country sensibilities”—The Daily Country 

“The title track for Royal Blue filters down from Laurel Canyon through the Country Rock carved out of its hillsides. Lasers Lasers Birmingham circles Chicago for a day in “Shedd Aquarium and boards a carousel of western rhythms as Alex Owen becomes the golden ring in “Hard Man to Please”. Royal Blue gives world weary advice supported by the campfire Folk alchemy of “Any Way You Slice It” to close out the E.P.”--Insite Atlanta 

“this isn’t Nashville country, nor is it Austin country, Midwestern punk country, or even neo-traditionalist L.A./Bakersfield country. Lasers Lasers Birmingham’s brand of country music is country for the Internet age; it is fully confident in mixing subgenres, slightly tongue-in-cheek, smart, melodic and self-assured in its delivery.”
—Independent’s Day Radio 

“Ozark-native and Los Angeles-transplant Alex Owen writes in the idiom of twangy country music, but without draping himself in remembered rural sentiment…Owen picked the band name as a portmanteau that evokes the nostalgic roots of Birmingham and the modernism of lasers, and his songs delivery exactly that.”
-Eli Messenger Hyperbolium and No Depression

“(Royal Blue) is a new country cut with a sense of humor injected via Owen’s honest lyrics.”
-MAF (Music Art Film)

“Thoughtful lyrics and a stellar blend of classic influences and modern edginess will make you hunger for far more than the wonderful four tracks here.”—Music Morsels 

“(Royal Blue) shows Alex Owen to be a very well-rounded talent as well as a gifted songwriter…if you have half an interest in roots or Americana, it’s almost impossible not to find something to like.”—Real Gone Rocks 

“Over way too quickly, the album is just four great songs stripped of all pretense and gimmicks, leaning mostly on Owen’s powerful vocals and lyrics. While there’s not a weak track here, the slower-tempo “Anyway You Slice It” is impressive and beautiful in its simplicity. Can’t wait for a full-length.”—Innocent Words Magazine 

“LLB just released a four-track EP titled, Royal Blue, which makes me think they will be the next band to watch.  Smooth, beautiful harmonies meet country roots, if you will.  Don’t miss it. It is smo-o-oth.”—Bob Segarini music blog

“His new EP, Royal Blue, the follow-up to the 2014 self-titled EP, features some very cool country and folk music with something of a 1970s country rock vibe at times….These tracks are all original tunes, written by Alex Owen. And all four are really strong.”—Michael’s Music Log 

“This is one great EP folks and you should do yourselves a favour and purchase it…”—The Dog’s Space

“With a gently, easygoing, loping vibe running through it, this EP displays a modern Americana sensibility that you aren’t really sure where it lands but it’s somewhere between the classic college coffeehouse and the one of today.  This is how Firefall and Dan Fogelberg would probably sound today, with a soupcon of Michael Murphey thrown in.”—Midwest Record