“Royal Blue is awash in modern day storytelling that retains true, traditional country sensibilities””

The Daily Country

Lasers Lasers Birmingham

High lonesome and highly unusual country music- right down to the band name, Lasers Lasers Birmingham is not exactly what people expect when you think of country music. With pedal steel, Hammond organ and barn-burning swagger, Lasers Lasers Birmingham brings to mind Waylon Jennings and Sturgill Simpson, with the smooth influence of Neil Young and the modern wit of Father John Misty.

Royal Blue


“this isn’t Nashville country, nor is it Austin country, Midwestern punk country, or even neo-traditionalist L.A./Bakersfield country. Lasers Lasers Birmingham’s brand of country music is country for the Internet age; it is fully confident in mixing subgenres, slightly tongue-in-cheek, smart, melodic and self-assured in its delivery.”
—Independent’s Day Radio 

“Owen writes in the idiom of twangy country music, but without draping himself in remembered rural sentiment…Owen picked the band name as a portmanteau that evokes the nostalgic roots of Birmingham and the modernism of lasers, and his songs delivery exactly that.”
-Eli Messenger Hyperbolium and No Depression

2016 Nominee for Best Male EP  -LA Music Critics Awards

“Thoughtful lyrics and a stellar blend of classic influences and modern edginess will make you hunger for far more than the wonderful four tracks here.”—Music Morsels 

“(Royal Blue) shows Alex Owen to be a very well-rounded talent as well as a gifted songwriter…if you have half an interest in roots or Americana, it’s almost impossible not to find something to like.”—Real Gone Rocks 

Royal Blue